Maximum performance

  • Jeweller wireless technology allows Ajax Hub to monitor securely all network devices up to 2,000 meters away in open space or across several floors of a business center
  • An ARM processor provides additional power for critically important tasks
  • Uses an Ethernet connection with a GSM backup
  • Hub reports the alarms via push notifications, SMS or phone call
  • Can work with up to 100 devices simultaneously
  • Up to 50 users and a security firm can connect to the system for monitoring via direct connection
  • Video surveillance via third-party cameras
  • All sockets and buttons are hidden inside the body
  • Tamper-resistant body
  • External power failure immediately activates an alarm
  • Works up to 15 hours on battery backup
  • Pings every 12-300 seconds to monitor the system
  • Jamming detection, communication channels encryption and authentication
  • Ajax Hub automatically chooses an unaffected frequency in case of channel failure
  • A backup GSM signal will notify you in case of a network failure
  • Ajax Hub will keep you updated using its DeliverAnyway algorithm, even in cases of a network failure
  • The system works even with very poor connections: the system works at a speed of just 0.5 kbit/s
  • Two-way communication allows for periodic testing and easy customization
  • Firmware and software updates are free and automatic
  • The system can be easily controlled using a keychain remote, smartphone app or a web browser
  • Ajax Hub securely maintains a history of all events
  • Geofence technology can remind you to arm the security system when you leave and disarm it when you get back
  • The system can be installed easily in under 15 minutes using the interactive manual and SmartBraket mounts
  • The quality of the connection, device detection area and level of radio noise can be tested remotely
  • Devices connect to Ajax Hub with a single click
  • The ultrathin AC power adapter is built into the body
  • Ajax Hub is less than 4cm thick
Tech specs
  • Size:
    162.7x162.7x35.9 mm
  • Weight:
    320 g
  • Power:
    110-250 V AC
  • Radio signal power:
    25 mW
  • Operating temperature range:
    From 0°С (+32°F) to +50°С (+122°F)
  • Connection:
    GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), Ethernet
  • Communication protocol:
    Jeweller (868.0-868.6 MHz)
  • Compatible SIM cards
    Mini SIM 2G
  • Operating range:
    Up to 2,000 m (6,552 ft) (in open area)
  • Back-up battery:
    Li-Ion 2 Ah (battery life up to 15 hours*)
  • Apps available:
    iOS 7.1 or later, Android 4.1 or later
  • Video surveillance:
    Video cameras with RTSP
  • Maximum number of users:
  • Maximum number of connected devices:
  • Tamper protection:
*only GSM connection