PULSAR RAWP Panel of two fans for RACK cabinets of the RS / ZRS type

Διαθεσιμότητα: 1-3 ημέρες
45.85€ 65.50€

  • Intended use: The fan tray is intended for mounting in the top panel of a RACK cabinet, it
      forces air circulation inside the cabinet. It is mounted outdoor the RACK cabinet.
      A separable 230VAC wire included.
  • Dimensions: W=297, H=149, D=47 [mm, +/-2]
  • Materials:
      - 1,2mm cold-rolled steel (SPCC), RAL 9004
      - 2 fans 230VAC, air flowing 2 x 50÷110CBM/H
  • Notes:
      - the possibility of cascade connection of fans
      - to be fixed to the top panel of the RACK cabinet
      - 230VAC cable LZ=2m
      - designed for version 1.1 of the RACK floor standing cabinets with depths of
       600 ÷ 1000mm